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Longyear Gallery is an artist-run cooperative representing professional artists from the New York Metropolitan area, as well as rural New York State. To assure the highest standards of work, as well as a broad range of styles and media, artists are juried into the gallery. Exhibits change monthly, each including a new body of work by a featured artist along with a new group show. 

The gallery’s not-for-profit status offers both casual and serious collectors the opportunity to purchase high quality work directly from the artist, without the overhead associated with commercial galleries. Additionally, visitors will note both a lack of pretense and a sense of intimacy not often associated with commercial galleries. Visitors are welcome to contact Longyear artists and may make arrangements for studio visits, where additional work may be viewed.

Since the gallery’s founding in 2007 word has spread, and the gallery has been visited by numerous collectors from all over the United States and abroad. You are encouraged to join them. Longyear Gallery is approximately 2-½ hours from Manhattan, located in the historic Commons Building in Margaretville, NY. For travel directions, as well as a list of accommodations, please contact Gerda Van Leeuwen, gallery director, at or by phone at (845) 586-3270.  


Robert Axelrod
Janice DeMarino
Ann Lee Fuller
Elaine Grandy
Robin Halpern
John Hopkins
Linda Lariar
David Leveson
Margaret Leveson
Helane Levine-Keating
Patrice Lorenz
Frank Manzo
Helene K. Manzo

Amy Masters
Christopher Moore
Elaine Mayes
Tom Rapin
Edmond Rinnooy-Kan
Marilyn Silver
Nat Thomas
Alix H. Travis
Gerda van Leeuwen
Corneel Verlaan
Ros Welchman
Susan Whittenburg
Ellen Wong


January 17 thru March 3, 2014 Longyear Group,   Invitational Show - Artists Choose Artists
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  January 18,   3-6 pm
March 7 thru March 31, 2014 Longyear Group Show
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  March 8 ,  3-6 pm
April 4 thru April 28, 2014 Longyear Group Show,  
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  April 5 ,  3-6 pm
May 2 thru May 26, 2014 Longyear Group Show,  
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  May 3 ,  3-6 pm
May 30 thru June 23, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Nat Thomas
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  May 31 ,  3-6 pm
June 27 thru July 21, 2014  Longyear Group,  featuring Bob Axelrod
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  June 28,  3-6 pm
August 1 thru August 25, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Christopher Moore
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  August 2,  3-6 pm
August 29 thru September 22, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Ann Lee Fuller
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  August 30 ,  3-6 pm
September 26 thru October 20, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Ellen Wong
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  September 27 ,  3-6 pm
October 24 thru November 17, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Alix Hallman Travis
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  October 25 ,  3-6 pm
November 21 thru December 15, 2014 Longyear Group,   featuring Frank Manzo
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  November 22 ,  3-6 pm
December 19, 2014 thru January 12, 2015 Longyear Group,   Holiday Show
Artists’ Reception – Saturday,  December 20,  3-6 pm



A Weekly Series at the Margaretville Commons

Future Dates To Be Announced

Art in Common is a weekly series of events and demonstrations by area artists, artisans, musicians and writers.  The public is invited to attend these gatherings free of charge Saturday afternoons from 4-7 at The Margaretville Commons at 785 Main Street.  This program is administered by Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild in collaboration with the M-ARK Group and funded in part by the O'Connor Foundation and NYSCA.

For a complete schedule, visit 

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  Gallery Hours:  Friday, Sunday, Monday, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Saturdays, 11 AM to 6 PM.

And By Appointment
Phone Gerda van Leeuwen (607) 326-4402

Upstairs at The Commons
785 Main Street
P.O. Box 1283
Margaretville, NY 12455
(845) 586-3270

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