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Blue Horizon (Three views) by
Blue Horizon (Three views) by
Mixed media
L 42 x H 10 x D 3.75”

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The relative depth of space and transfer of 3 dimensions into 2 have always been a major point of interest and motivation in my work.
We look at things actively and in our perception there are many
selective details that together, in a nanosecond, help us discover or recognize what we are looking at.
In this instance I listed 15 categories, such as light, color, shapes, vertical, horizontal, etc. and set out to make a visual record of those. hence the 15 panels. As I was assembling them it was clear that sometimes all, or most, can find their way into a single image, no matter what it is or represents.
It can have millions of colors and shapes that we try to wrestle into a comprehensive unit for us and others to experience over and over again. In the process of making this one it directed itself into a visual
meditation of how we see and this is where I went with it this time. We never know if it is a sidetrack or on target until it’s done.
Other horizons beckon.