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Lyrical Excavation
acrylic on paper
Visual Record
Red Ram
encaustic collage
handmade paper collage

Painting has always been the medium in which I am grounded, but I have continued to explore other media: printmaking, papermaking and encaustic painting. In 1997, I was given a grant to work on a papermaking project at Dieu Donné Papermill in Manhattan, and was later awarded a fellowship at Women’s Studio Workshop In Rosendale, NY. Using the papermaking medium was an eye opener for me. The element of collage or mixed media had been creeping into my paintings for a long time. Papermaking allowed me to incorporate unusual materials as part of the artmaking process, which eventually transitioned into my other work. This gave me greater fluidity as an artist.

I learned the rudiments of encaustic painting at R & F Paints in Kingston. The studio time I spent there was part of a grant I had received in 2008, when I further developed my encaustic pieces in a rural studio in Italy. I currently work out of R & F’s studio, when I do encaustic projects.

My work is an abstract vocabulary, where I become involved in a visual dialog. Sometimes there are recognizable elements, which are somewhat symbolic.

Throughout the years, I have exhibited my art in New York City, upstate New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I teach art in an independent school in Manhattan and on occasion conduct workshops for adults and children.