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I have been a visual artist for more than fifty-seven years. I am interested “seeing” and in combining photography with direct perception of the world around me. I am attracted to forms of documentary and on occasion use a conceptual approach to create series. My camera is small and lightweight, and I wear it every day, photographing anything that attracts my attention. My greatest artistic interest is in finding and recording situations that appeal to me for their visual, emotional, social and/or aesthetic qualities. I am interested in the idea of history and in the photographic mediums connection to moments in time.

1958 BA, Art and Art History Stanford
1958-1961 San Francisco Art Institute, Studied painting, photography

1968-2001 Taught at U Minnesota, Hampshire College, Bard College, Pratt, ICP
Was the first woman to teach film and photography in any US University
2001-present Professor Emerita, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Selected Recent Major Exhibitions:
2017 50th Anniversary Summer of Love, deYoung Museum
2017 SFO Museums, Terminal 3, Monterey Pop FiftyYear Anniversary
2017 Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA
2013-2014 Smithsonian American Art Museum
2012 American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY
2009 Stephen Kasher Gallery, NY
2003-4 The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions:
2017 Summer of Love, Monterey Art Museum. CA
2014 Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
2009 “Who Shot Rock,” Brooklyn Museum
2009 “Into the Sunset, Photographs from the American West,” MOMA
2006 Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

2009 “Ki’i No Hawai’i” Hand Made limited edition
2003 It Happened In Monterey, Britannia Press, Los Angeles
2014 Fall “Recently” Daylight Press

Awards, Honors
2013 Society for Photographic Eduction – Honored Educator and Insight Awards
2009 Elaine Mayes Hampshire DIV III scholarship
1991-2 Guggenheim Fellowship
NEA 1971, 1978, 1978 Survey-- Long Island Project NEA

Recent Films, Videos
2018 Summers with Helen