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Gobekli Tepe 2 by TOM RAPIN
Acrylic on canvas
Gobekli Tepe by TOM RAPIN
Acrylic on panel
Devonian Links
wood, vines, recycled concrete, digital graphics, ceramics, zinc plates
acrylic on canvas
Weed Storm
mineral, vegetable
acrylic on canvas

“Embodying ideas is what artists do….”
-Frank Wilczek’s A Beautiful Question

“The metaphor of light is a common image in all the major religious traditions.”
-His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama The Path to Tranquility

“As we came back, the light yet lingered on top of Slide Mountain….
The last that parlays with the setting sun,’ “
-John Burroughs In the Catskills

My works are all imperfect representations of internalized ideas about light and nature. I do take comfort in that fact.

It is an odd dance of ideas, things and the hand but Work is the truest way for me to feel meaning.

When I compare my existence against that of nature and light I feel inconsequential, but it is a humbling comfort to deal with issues of light and nature in my work. I enjoy handling materials that are ions old. I am engaged when the permanence of light is captured within the impermanence of paint…. or something like that.

Tom Rapin’s art has been featured in both group and solo shows in regional and state exhibitions throughout the Eastern US during the past 40 years. A retired longtime high school art teacher at Margaretville Central High School, he holds an MFA Degree from the Milton Avery School, Bard College, Annandale on Hudson, NY.