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Sweet Vines by LOUISE KALIN
Print/Collage, Archival Digital Print
Short Circuit by LOUISE KALIN
Print / collage archival digital print
8" x 8"
Clematis I

Artist’s Statement

When talking about her art practice, Louise says, “Making art has everything to do with growing up in the Catskill Mountains and on Cape Cod. I was an outside child. We walked miles up through cow pastures, made rooms of sticks in the woods, drew into the sand and mud, and gathered mint and built pools in the streams. The layers, the patterns and colors of my natural surroundings are the source for my art. My reverence for nature and the environment is embedded in the images in my prints.

The Printmaking process is very tactile. The relief of plates is enhanced by inks painted, rolled, drawn and transferred to paper under pressure. I adapt and experiment with new processes, building up richly layered colors and abstracted shapes that echo the world that surrounds me. And in the making of things, I enjoy a feeling of connection and am reminded of our total reliance on the natural world.”

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1970. I printed briefly at the Experimental Etching Studio in Boston, and then at the DeCordova Museum School with Anne McCrae MacLeod (1972-82), and then spent a year as the Museum graphic designer before moving to Hollis, New Hampshire, in 1976. In 1990, I moved to Saint James, Long Island, and became Director of Gallery North, a regional not-for-profit gallery in Setauket, NY, from 1992-97. I was a guest curator at the Islip Art Museum, and worked with other Long Island Art Institutions.