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Sistare Castello, Venice
color transparency photograph
Elevator View
digital photograph
Shepard Hills by Frank Manzo
Photograph Archival jet print
Hail Storm
color transparency photograph

A founding member of the Longyear Gallery in Margaretville, Frank Manzo has also exhibited his photographs at the Roxbury Arts Group, the Salmagundi Club and at the Catskill Center’s Erpf Gallery.

Since photographs strive to capture the visual effect of the temporal changes in light that lend an atmospheric sense to a two dimensional image and the quality and changes of light inform the image, assuring that each image is unique, the challenge is to create both an interesting composition with painterly qualities that resent to the viewer more than one interpretation, thus allowing one to see different aspects each time it is viewed.

Viewers will perceive layers of images that require scrutiny to determine what is ‘inside’ and what is the reflection or ‘outside,’” notes Manzo. “In many reflective surfaces, the variation in the plane of the surface further breaks up the reflected image, creating and abstract composition akin to cubist paintings.


2015 Upstream Gallery, Juried Show – Photography Takes Over – 2015, Jan-Feb 2015, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

2014 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-November, Margaretville, NY

2014 Roxbury Arts Group Exhibition, Walt Meade Gallery, Sept-November, Roxbury, NY

2013 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-May, Margaretville, NY

2012 Salmagundi Club, Annual Juried Non-Members Exhibition, August, New York, NY

2012 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-April, Margaretville, NY

2011 Roxbury Arts Group Exhibition, Old Bank Gallery, June-September, Roxbury, NY

2010 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-April, Margaretville, NY 2009 The CatskillCenter, Erpf Gallery, Group Exhibition, May-June, Arkville, NY

2009 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-April, Margaretville, NY 2008 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Jan-February, Margaretville, NY

2007 Roxbury Community Photo Contest and Exhibition, December, Roxbury, NY

2007 Longyear Gallery, Group Exhibitions, Sept-December, Margaretville, NY


2014 Longyear Gallery, One-Person Show, November-December, Margaretville, NY

2010 Longyear Gallery, One Person Show, September-October, Margaretville, NY

2005 Café on Main Street, Margaretville, NY Photographs. September


2008 Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, Platte Clove Residency, Platte Clove, NY. Photography. July


2007 Roxbury Community Art Contest, First Prize, Abstract and Artistic Category, Second Prize, Travel Category.