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In my art, I like to capture the beauty in objects and places. My inspiration comes from nature.
Irina Grinevitsky is a visual artist originally from Russia and now based in New York City with her summer studio in Catskills.
While Irina has background in science, the art and crafts were always the love of her life. She was looking for meditation in ceramics and gardening, drawing and textile design, painting and collage.
When Irina lived in Illinois, she learned from distinguished ceramics masters at Evanston, Highland Park, and Lake Forest Art Centers, and participated in annual shows. Irina Grinevitsky has been designing jewelry and objects using wood, ceramics, and leather. Ms. Grinevitsky continue her art education online at Elena Tarutina Art School, Moscow. Recently Irina is a part of Plainair Group EBDRPAP and learned a lot from modern artist like Alex Travis, Robert Axelrod, Ros Welshman, and many others. Ms. Grinevitsky was a part of AMR Open Studio Tour in 2019. Irina is publishing the annual calendar with her paintings since 2015. Some of her illustration work could be found in popular magazines (March 2021, Kovcheg, Russia).