ARTISTS > Patrice Lorenz

Oil on board
10" x 10"
UntitLed Landscape by PATRICE LORENZ
Flashe paint and pastel on paper
22" x 30"
oil on canvas
Big Red Kill
oil on canvas
Untitled by Patrice Lorenz
Mixed media collage
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
Angle of Repose
Watercolopr and pencil on paper
16" x 20"
Somewhere in the Night
Paint and pastel on paper
16" square
Laundry Day
Paint and pastel on paper
11" x 14"

Patrice Lorenz has exhibited her work widely in alternative art spaces, established galleries, and museums since the 1980’s. Over the course of her career, Lorenz has worked side by side with other visual artists to deepen her sense of her own work, to explore new directions and to collaborate on creative projects. She has been an active member of a number of artist run organizations including Creative Time, Collaborative Projects, Group Material and ABC NO RIO, all based in NYC.

In 2002 Lorenz joined a group of artists to establish the Longyear Gallery in Margaretville, NY. The Longyear Gallery is a co-operative gallery representing the area’s most well known artists. In addition to exhibiting her work monthly at the Longyear Gallery, she participates in juried and invitational exhibits nationwide. Most recently, her work has been included in exhibits at the Roxbury Arts Group in Roxbury NY, the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in Jim Thorpe Pa., and the Allen Priebe Gallery at the University of Wisconsin.

Since establishing a studio in rural NY State’s Delaware County, Lorenz began to work in plein air. Her sketches, made by a roadside or in a field, are developed into finished paintings or pastels in her studio. The images she makes rest between representation and abstraction, capturing the fleeting moments and enduring rhythms of the natural environment. In each piece she seeks to integrate objective and subjective perspectives that, together, evoke the artist’s intimate experience of a particular time and place. Fellow artist Fred Guyot states, “Lorenz captures her subject matter with authenticity and honesty. Her remarkable facility with the formal art elements, support her in her work.”

Lorenz has been teaching art for over 25 years. In addition to her work with a generation of young artists in the NYC public schools, she has been an associate professor at NYU, Pratt Institute, City College and Empire State College. She is currently completing Masters Degree in Art Therapy at NYU.