ARTISTS > Wayne Morris

Shady Porch
oil on canvas
16"h x 18"w
oil on canvas
48"h x 57.5"w
Old Maple
oil on canvas
17.5"h x 22.5"w
Autumn Leaves
oil on canvas
14"h x 17"w
Catskill Winter
oil on canvas
9"h x 12"w
oil on canvas
18"h x 16"w
oil on canvas
10"h x 12"w
oil on canvas
12"h x 15"w
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
8"h x 10"w
Sunny Field
oil on canvas
8"h x 10"w
On the Porch
oil on canvas
55"h x 65"w
Blue Mountain Lake
oil on canvas
21"h x 20"w
White Flower
oil on canvas
14"h x 12"w
Early Morning Sun
oil on canvas
9"h x 12"w
oil painting of figure by Wayne Morris at James A. Michener Museum of Art in Doylestown, PA
oil on canvas
60"h x 50"w
Oil painting of classic country roadside by Wayne Morris
oil on canvas
10"h x 12"w
Large figurative oil painting by Wayne Morris
oil on canvas
60"h x 72"w
Self Portrait
oil on canvas
Chicken House
oil on canvas
19"h x 22.5"w
Pink Street
oil on canvas
14"h x 16"w
Self Portrait with Glasses
oil on canvas
18"h x 16"w
Oil on canvas
48"h x 58"w

My primary interest has been with the human figure because it is us. In recent years I have also been working with landscape because we live in it.

My ideas for paintings come from things I see, think, feel, know and experience. I do not make things up. Painting is a visual art form and must therefore speak in a visual language. If you can not see it, only think it, it is not there. I work whenever possible directly from the source. Visual reference allows more freedom and is more truthful. I concentrate on idea, color and structure for a feeling of believability and totality.


2016 Art Up, Andes New York
2016 Open Studio, Bovina center, New York
2016 Itsy-Bitsy Art, Greenkill Gallery, Kingston, NY
2015 Open Studio, Bovia Center New York
2013 Projects Gallery, Phila Pa
2007 Projects Gallery Phila Pa
2002 North of the Border, The Brown Street Studio, Phil pa
2001 Faculty Exhibition, Moore college of Art, Phila Pa
2000 Two Dimensional Fine Arts Faculty. Community Gallery at the Philadelphia Foundation, Phila Pa
1997 Faculty Exhibition, Moore College of Art, Phila Pa
1993 Faculty Exhibition, Moore College of Art
1992 Landscapes, F.A.N. Gallery, Phila Pa
1991 The Easton Circle. The State Theater Center for the Arts, Easton, Pa
1986 Faculty Exhibition, Moore College of Art
1984 Philadelphia Drawing Competition, 1984, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Phila Pa
1983 Landscapes, The Cheltanham Art Center, Phila Pa
1983 Student Choice Exhibition. Yale University, New Haven, Conn
1983 One Man Show, The More Gallery, Phila Pa
1982 Philadelphia Invitational, Sothern Alleghenies Museu, Loretto, Pa
1981 Personal Narrative Painting, Butcher and More Gallery, Phila Pa
1980 Artists Choice Museum, Younger Artists, Alan Frumkin Gallery, New York, New York
1979 People, Places and Things: Perception and Imagination in Realist Art, William Green Federal Office Building, Marion Locks Gallery Easy, The Hahn Gallery, Phila Pa
1978 Six Draughtsmen from the Figure, Westminster Collge Art Gallery, New Wilmington, Pa
1976 Landscape Painting, SUNY at Cortland, NY
1976 In Praise of Space, Landscape in American Painting, traveling exhibition
1976 The Figure in Recent American Painting, traveling exhibition
1975 Faculty Exhibition, Moore College of Art
1973 Faculty Exhibition, Moore College of Art
1971 Drawings by Rpresentational Painters, Stout State University, Menomonie, Wis.
1969 Indiana Artists, Herron Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Ind.

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