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Color, shape and story guide the relationship between the disparate objects in my collages. Using my own watercolors, photographs and found items, I cut, fold, paste in a way that establishes a tension and a balance. I allow these elements to speak for themselves. I listen and follow. The results are often humorous, mysterious or treacherous.

Having lived many years, there came a time when I could no longer put off my longing to create my art. I wanted to be able to trust my eye and to communicate, in some manner, what I see. To express, moving from inside to outside.

I pursued the desire with the help of Bonnie Mitchell and Linda Webb-Varian, who also suffered from not working on their art. We founded the “Creative Crones” to provide support. We met regularly. It worked! We each developed a body of work and we told our story at the showing of the Creative Crones show at the gallery of the Roxbury Arts Group.

Since then I have had 3 solo shows at Longyear Gallery – showing new work each month. Also a show at Fairview Library in their conference room: at the Artist in Residency at Platteclove Show in the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development gallery.

My back story is that I have been a Massage Therapist locally for many years. My formal education was at Columbia and New School for Social Research including a Masters Degree.
I raised a family in Roxbury. I took watercolor classes and photography workshops over the years and always had a little studio tucked away wherever I lived. I have no formal training in the arts.

So, I am particularly pleased to be called upon to produce work on a regular basis. And have the work seen.